Cayo Steel Works offers pre-engineered solutions to meet the varied needs of Commercial Developers. Provide us with your design or come to us with your ideas and we will provide the design, fabrication and installation schedule to meet your plans and budget. If you are ready to expand, steel buildings can be easily and efficiently modified to suit your changing needs.

Attract Customers with eye-catching corporate structures that are designed, fabricated and installed quickly and efficiently.

View our gallery of work for examples of Multi-Story Office Buildings, Retail Buildings, Banks, Hotels and Resort Expansions, Show Rooms, Medical Facilities, and Custom Corporate Headquarters.


Our Steel Buildings are designed to suit a variety of needs and meet sector specific standards. We have been entrusted to fabricate and erect Hospitals, Churches, Schools, Cafeterias, Auditoriums and more. As with all our products, we focus on quality and cost effectiveness to ensure our customers are provided with modern, dependable and efficient structures.

Hangers & Doors

Cayo Steel Works design, fabricate and install all types of hangers. Some of our works include Military Hangers, Private Hangers and Commercial Hangers. We use only high grade material, fabricated and installed to international standards and can custom design extras like offices or workshops within the hangers.

We also design and install Manual or Electric steel framed, insulated doors, with roller bearing, machined steel wheels running on ground rails.

We also offer roll up shutter doors, integrated personnel and vehicle access doors and other accessories.


We can make your dream design a reality, fabricated and installed in a short time, and all at a cost effective price. The use of steel has grown in the Residential Building Sector over the last 10 years, thanks to the speed of construction, reduced site management costs, sustainability and many other benefits.