What are the advantages of building with steel?

There are many advantages to building with steel, including its speed, lack of disruption and quality. As all main components are fabricated at our workshop, all that takes place onsite is the actual erection of the structure. More information regarding the benefits of steel structures can be found at The American Institute of Steel Construction website.

How much time is involved in fabricating and erecting a steel building system?

The time involved really depends on the project in question. However, generally speaking, a simple warehouse-style project will take approximately 6-9 weeks, and a more complex multi-storey structure may take about 9 months. Steel structures are much quicker to assemble and finish than equivalent concrete ones.

How long will a steel structure last? Will corrosion be a problem?

A steel structure, properly treated, will last a long time – about 100 years or so. If the structural members are properly painted, and enclosed (within a wall, for example), then they are less likely to corrode. If they are exposed, then they will need to be repainted periodically. Roofing/Siding material may require replacing after 20-30 years, just as they would if used on a wooden or concrete building.

Do you do foundations/concrete work, or is it necessary to hire someone else?

We usually only do the actual steel work. Depending on the distance of the building from our work yard, it may be more cost efficient to have a local company do the concrete work. Such concrete work takes time, and time spent on the road, or at the building location adds to the cost. We recommend using a separate contractor for such work, and will willingly collaborate with them to ensure our structure will fit with the preparation work they do. We generally provide all necessary anchor bolts, with a bolt layout for them to include in their foundation/floor.

How easy will it be to expand on a steel structure?

Expansion of a steel structure is relatively easy. We have actually done expansion work on places of business (one warehouse, one private hospital) during normal hours of operation. One of the benefits of working with steel, as opposed to concrete, is that it need not interrupt or impede your business. Again, as mentioned before, most of the dirty work is done even before we deliver the building.

Do all steel buildings look the same, or can you do different styles/finishes?

There are an infinite variety of finishes possible for a steel building. If you look on any website that advertises steel building finishes, you will see this for yourself. There are so many, we can’t even list them all. If in doubt as to whether a style or finish is possible, feel free to contact us by any convenient method on our contact page

Where can I find answers to questions not on this list?#

f you have any questions not addressed on this site, please contact us using whatever method is convenient for you. You can find all our contact information on our contact page.